I don’t love you, not at allBut I’m going to love you anywayI don’t love youThe greenback you give me aren’t anywhere near worth itYou take from me, my stomach in a knot from dawn till duskYou have us fighting terrors…

the writing files


If you want to hurt someone I mean really hurt them, Ignore them. Deny them the right to express themselves. The right to look you in the face and tell you how they feel. Deny them the right to your…

grief to relief

the weight of the world

The silence is deafening, from the words you don’t speak They cut like a razor blade, into the folds of my heart I can’t even hear a pin drop Not the faintest whispering of your heart. I grasp at straws…


Befriending One’s Soul

  In those cold January days, early in the year of the answers, she practiced holding her own soul. At dawn, at dusk, fully. She kept an eye on it all day long. Whenever it murmured or whimpered she stopped…

building bridges


              Special dedication to good man who houses, within him, a beautiful heart. I wanted to protect her. Keeping her smile intact mattered more to me than putting her on my shelf. It was…

the ♥ files

empty fullness

Watching the glimpses of their story flash before her as they move from one place to another, a place where they will no longer be visible the deep and profound hollowness of the bongos echoing through her her veins full…

the writing files


In the small jungle I created for myself I found a way To build faith To discover its existence within me Sheltered from the the ego’s craving from revenge letting disappointment fall away amidst the chaos I turned the other…

the ♥ files

your heart shaped box

I’m here and I’m not going anywhere but forward, with you I’m the man who can’t be moved I walked and walked, he said I walked forward but the palm of your hand escaped me I kept reaching my face…

the ♥ files


  at the foot of the master she bows her head as he strums her heart strings at the foot of her love she bares herself naked at his faintest whisper opening her body to him and though he lets…