I’m here

and I’m not going anywhere
but forward, with you

I’m the man who can’t be moved

I walked and walked, he said

I walked forward

but the palm of your hand escaped me

I kept reaching my face towards your side

to share the moments with you

and at some point I had to turn around and come back

a detour well worth my while

but it strengthened my sense of direction

and my heart is stronger now, my fingers more nimble to wipe the tears from your heart shaped box

I had to turn back

your face met me at every corner

the sound of your voice, your ideas, the whispers you poured into my ears

the feeling of you wrapped around me, lingered and lingered

the road ahead met me with visions of us

and yet my gaze turned sideways was empty

it was wrong, all wrong,

only made right by you and your palm against mine

there’s no turning back now

you’re coming with me

and I will fight you for it, should I have to, that heart shaped box

yours to be shared with me and all the world

I have no qualms about war to make it mine, again

deeper than you could have dreamt of

surrender, now.