If you want to hurt someone
I mean really hurt them,
Ignore them.
Deny them the right to express themselves.
The right to look you in the face and tell you how they feel.
Deny them the right to your true thoughts, spoken from your lips while they look you in the eye.
Starve them, until their bones are brittle and their limbs frail.
Deny them, even the slightest opening of your heart,
as if you weren’t brothers at the hem of humanity
This is how you break someone.
It’s not strong, or intelligent to ignore
It’s weak and cowardly and a cop out for being human.
If you want to be strong and brave,
look someone in the face, and speak through your heart which has walked through the corridors of theirs
Listen with the ears of brotherhood and speak with an undertone of love
Even if your words sting, it will be eased by intention of love
If you want to be a hero, tell them how you really feel.
Be vulnerable and forthcoming.
You can break someone in the same breath that you preach ‘one love’,
but there are no heroes where hearts broken,
cowards who hurt others to avoid looking at themselves in the mirror, deny themselves the opportunity of love.
In your self righteous ignoring, you cut yourself off from the vein of humanity.
These words are for me, as much as they are for you.
Go on now, let not words of love fall from your lips for they are tainted by the cruelty of your ego.
In your cowardice, you inflict suffering upon others,
The slow suicide, the murder, of self righteous isolation,
your wrists bleeding life away.
You’re the one who pays for this – you live with a caged soul who believes and proclaims it is free.


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