the writing files


If you want to hurt someone I mean really hurt them, Ignore them. Deny them the right to express themselves. The right to look you in the face and tell you how they feel. Deny them the right to your…

grief to relief

the weight of the world

The silence is deafening, from the words you don’t speak They cut like a razor blade, into the folds of my heart I can’t even hear a pin drop Not the faintest whispering of your heart. I grasp at straws…

building bridges

Female Beingness

This one’s for the guys, in particular for my best guy buds and, most of all, for  the last man I shared my heart with, for embracing all of my expressiveness and standing strong as a man in the face…

the writing files, the ♥ files


“I want to feel” she sais your fingertips trace the roads along my bare spine the sun’s warm, not scorching rays against my sleeping face freedom return to my heart purpose reside within my soul expression, a waterfall from my…