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October 2011

the ♥ files

The Violin and its Melody

  The sound of your violin may be beautiful but I am more interested in the melody of your music than the notes you make with your instrument Your notes over time are just as a important as your notes…

the ♥ files

Dance me!

When I was a little girl my dad would have me step onto his feet so he could dance me. At weddings and parties, I could always  count on my dad to thrill me on the dance floor. My parents…

just a girl

like a cactus in the desert

When every cell of my body wants to be done with it I miss you a word, a feeling, that experience and use sparingly but about you, it’s clear A feeling slowly emerges  and I soon recognize it Like a…


What do I need to stop doing?

Most of my training has taught me to move people (and myself) TOWARDS an intended experience as opposed to away from an unwanted one.  But Rick Warren spells out an effective technique in his TED talk.  Before you do anything,…


Look forward, take one step closer

Some things, even for a writer are difficult to put into words.  I’ve lost some of the people closest to me in the last last years.  Each one following the other with the coming of the fall season.  I consider…