Hardness vs Strength

Do not let yourself fall under the spell of the fairytale of hardness.
The world will tell you every day, blatantly, and, insidiously, that you need to be tough and harden yourself. Do not let yourself be fooled into thinking that your hardness will protect you from hurt. Tough and hard is not the same as strong.
Just as your toughness will harden you against sorrow, it will harden you against joy. Just as your toughness will harden you against animosity, it will make you indifferent to compassion. Just as your toughness will protect you from hatred, it will numb you to the infallible power of love.
Strength is not the repression of feelings, that’s denial.
Strength is not the repression of expression, that’s innovative suicide.
Strength is not numbness, numbness is just plain numbness. A slow death of nothingness.
Strength is acceptance of the moment, joy and grief, therein lies strength. It is the embracing of vulnerability, the employing of sensitivity.
Sensitive, the opposite of numb,
Sensitivity will not harm you, it will arm you.
Sensitivity makes you aware, it gives you insight that you do not have access to in numbness, the ability to feel bridges the gap between disconnection and rapport.
The world will scream toughness and hardness at you, shove it down your throat, making you believe that it is strength and power.
How so?
Your hardness keeps you disconnected from others, it keeps you numb, it keeps you starving. Hardness is a closed door.
Your strength brings you closer, makes you reach higher, keeps you fed and pushes you to feed others. Strength is a doorway into more.
Hardness kills you.
Strength, keeps you alive.