There is a common tendency  to criticize the nature of sensitive people, as if their demeanour is some sort of plithe that makes them weak, or diminishes their value in this world that often demands us to be hard.

Maybe we need to redefine this perspective. Sensitive people remind us to be kinder to each other, to slow down and be, and feel each other. They remind us to that to be human is to connect and to connect we need to open our hearts. The demand gentleness, almost an expired species in some circles. They remind us the value of tuning in. They save us from working ourselves to death.They remember the rhythms of life, or nature, of the body. They will not tolerate violence, they are promoters of peace.  They give birth to art; art that moves our insides. They remind us that we are human. They remind you of your human shortcomings, and though you may not wish to be reminded. It is this reminder that sometimes allows you soften, find courage and forge bonds that carry you to places you otherwise would not have.

Sensitive people, are, in a way, the physical gate keepers of humanity.  Their worth bears a weight in saving the livelihood of our souls.

They are not weak. Quite the opposite; they are warriors of a sacred kind, serving a great purpose worthy of honour.


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