For the past year the main entrance to my subway station has been closed. For months I kept smacking my nose up against the door morning after morning, expecting it to be open. It took so long for me to get accustomed to walking the extra, I just kep t expecting it to be open and kept getting disappointed when it wasn’t. Sounds silly, but I like my entrance. Of course, over time I got used to my route, and also found the positives and conveniences in it. And have now become, once again accustomed to my new route.

And, over the past year, I have been negotiating a business deal with someone, and it’s been a slow and sticky process. I have been persistent because of the nature of the issue. Changing my approach as many times as necessary, I finally reached a point of squeakiness. Yes, you heard me, someone once told me, squeaky wheel gets the grease. I wanted this thing D-O-N-E!!! So I started making almost daily follow ups on the status of our transaction. I was away for week visiting with loved ones and came back to my regular hustle and bustle. A particularly tight deadline at the office, that if not met will need to be pushed well into mid January. A 30 days of yoga commitment. Needless to say the week away and coming back to a full plate had my ind completely off our negotiation.

Yesterday, I got notice that the deal had been signed… interesting I thought, I should go away more often. And walking the first block home from the subway, to my pleasant surprise, I noticed that my beautiful entrance was now open. It’s been all week, I just hadn’t noticed because I have adopted a new route.

I thought to myself, that;s how it goes huh, when you finally stop gripping for it, things just open up.

No win NLP we call this attention shifting. Consciously shifting one’s focus to another area where things are moving well allows the subject to feel empowered and by doing so, the likelihood increases that more creative solutions to problems will come about with more ease, it allows shifts in one’s perception to integrate, catch up and bleed into all areas of one’s field of perception.

And so from this I know that the above scenarios will also bleed into so many other areas of my life, particularly closed hearts, both mine and yours.