The path between friend is measured not in miles but in memories
Sais the present I shipped over one Christmas
Wishing I was there instead
Never did I imagine that those words would take on such a concrete meaning
Your presence felt everywhere in the house you made a home
Snipets of our friendship like berry markers all over the main floor
And every square inch, tells the story of your life
Of your love
There is no replacement
Nothing can fill the void
Except when I search for you in prayer
When my look to feel you there in the field of love
Only then is the void less void
But still there is a space in my heart
That I leave unfilled
Only for when we meet again
We will play like sisters in the river
Hug and laugh, barefoot in the earth
Giggles echoing, joy bubbling from our hearts
How I cannot wait to be with you again
In eternal life
To come forth again and again together
In many forms
Always united
Let there be a crack open
Through heaven’s floor
So that I may slip my hand in
So that we may exchange glances
So that you may shine your reverent love upon my soul
And make my heart a little lighter the way you always know how to do
That may peace may reverberate through every cell of my body
As it does now in yours

With love,