We’ve all been there, we want something, or want to help someone and we know we have a way to influence circumstances in favour of the outcome we are keen on. What do you?  When is it ok to use the power that is accessible to us.

Here’s a simple formula I adopted many years ago to guide my decision making process. I must have picked it up from Oprah, back in the days when I read her magazine religiously.  In the recent months, it’s resurfaced as an intentional priority as I noticed I’d let it shift away from the forefront of my mind.  When faced with a dilemma, or doubt,  or a feeling of some sort of uncertainty in my step, I ask myself, am I doing this out of fear, or love?

The more I used this phrase, the more I trusted it. The more I trusted it, the more powerful I felt. The more powerful I felt, the more positive my outcomes. It’s very simple and the answer is always clear. If it’s an ego based decision, even something as noble as not asking for help, which is often a cover up for the fear of appearing weak, you will know.  If you’re guided by the fear of someone being better than you, the fear of not being good enough, of being alone, of being left behind,the fear of, afraid of, worried about,  lack of, and so on… you will know.

If you’re guided by your desire for newness, for  peace, to see someone succeed, to feel yourself expand, to touch another person’s heart, to connect , to make a difference, to contribute, to give yourself or others the opportunity, you will know as well. The difference between fear and love is unmistakable to human felt perception, we know it in our bones.

By all means, if love is the seed of your choice(s), use all the means available to you to allow this seed to grow.

I’ve found, that this simple question, has never led my deciding astray.

-Kim Mecca