Let your words be spoken through your touch

Let them tell the story of how you want me, how you love me

If you want me, tell me, in every way you can

Through the words that bounce from your lips, into my ears

Through your hand that slides slowly down my cheek

Tilting my chin upwards towards you

Through your eyes that meet my gaze

Do not let an eternity go by, where lovers starve each other

consciously or not

the gift of tenderness for another is too precious


Let your touch reverberate the reverent words you speak

Deeper and deeper within me

Like an echo, crossing from one side of a canyon to another

Filling the void in between with the vibration of love

Although not blaring, it cannot be ignored, cannot be missed


Let your eyes speak volumes

As you combine your gaze with your words and your touch

No stone within me is left unturned against this triad

Let this exchange that you insist upon, with your energy,

tell the story of a love so fierce, so full of passion, so resilient

that it echoes across many, many deep and wide passages

where a multitude of people continue to pass

let them too, through us, know, the power of love


-Kim Mecca