A letter to the last man I loved:

And love you, I did.  I loved you for your brilliance. The way you knew so much, and were curious about what you didn’t.  For your openness. Pure, and beautiful.   I loved you for how you could make me feel.  How you dade my heart expanded bigger than I ever thought was possible. With your questions and your curious nature and your desire. To. Know. Everything. About. Me.

You left no stone unturned. Not even the pebbles.  I could trust you to dig, deep, everywhere. I could trust you to be gentle when our opinions differed. I could trust you to enhance my shine.  With you, my light was even brighter, never dimmer.

I loved you for the way you kissed when you made love.  For putting me first. Always.

I loved you for the way our bodies fit together, in perfect spoon dimensions. I slept like a rock, with your arms wrapped around me.

I loved you for how happy you were to see my face, that was shinning because it was about to see yours. It was shinning from the inside out, because I knew my heart was about to burst, my mind was about to have a party and my body was about to shiver.

I love you for that beautiful heart and humble spirit.

I may have made some  choices I am not proud of, mistakes, definitely, but the one mistake I didn’t make, was caring about you.





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