I love the autumn like I love the rain

for it beckons the secrets of life with each passing day

it knows about death and how natural it is even as it is desolate

both in vision and in heart

yet, it still knows the light of day

as the sunlight glistens upon the tri-colored leaves

it has depth, the depth of bright red, yellow,orange tints

that swallow you whole

that whisper leaf by leaf

silently falling to the ground

that all that falls, hides and slips away comes to rise again in the spring

it understands change and cycles

and it is at peace with loss the way no human could ever be

autumn’s wisdom brings soothing

asking for warmth and comfort

hand knitted sweaters poured out of love, the embrace of human touch

as some of our joys are stripped away

it seems to gather all the melancholy of the heart and makes it beautiful

allowing the feeling  of ease, in the ocean of coloured leaves that lighten up human sorrow

for this I love autumn because it does not shy away from loss

but rather embraces it