I don’t love you, not at all
But I’m going to love you anyway
I don’t love you
The greenback you give me aren’t anywhere near worth it
You take from me, my stomach in a knot from dawn till dusk
You have us fighting terrors that wake us in the darkness
I run against the setting of the sun,  the shine of the stars, I run marathons day in day out for the dollars you give
You didn’t say it would be a race
Oh no, I don’t love you
Against your demands I constantly feel like I’m not giving enough
You pit me against my brothers, in cowriting, in order to increase your value
In order to have us run faster, stronger, longer
I don’t love you but I’m going to love you anyway
Until I can set myself free from the mercy of your split-faced currencies 

I’m going to love you until I dream sweet dreams, until my core cannot be rattled by your insanity
I’m going to love because, though you’re hard to love, it’s easier to love you then to hate myself for not meeting tote insatiable demands
And the day came sooner that I stood un-rattled by the shimmer of your pot of gold