I sit at my kitchen table

slowly sipping a warm cup of orzo

gently kissed with almond milk

the way it always is

Ray’s soothing voice bathes the apartment

watching the sun rays stream into my living room

the way they streamed into yours

It grips me suddenly, deeply

as if it hasn’t been hiding in the background

all along

hot tears stream down my face, missing you

it always hums somewhere in the background

this feeling

until it bursts out, unexpectedly

millions of questions, change

coming about

I am feeling you lately

but I cannot always hear your voice

or feel your warm embrace

I would pack my bags in an instant

drive across the universe for a long weekend

with you

I’m not sure they would let me in where you are

although I know you would throw your arms around me if they did

Could you, not cross over for a mere moment

reach your hand into mine and give me the answer

let me feel our friendship’s breath

as it continues to live

do you know the wealth that you have left me with?

a deep abiding love and reverence for all that lives and breaths

it continues to unfold day by day

an encyclopedia of knowledge and wisdom

touching the lives others, maybe just a little measure of how you did

even just that, is a blessing

love always