OK peeps having a hard time embedding the video… (just more leverage to get me to revamp the blog, it’s time!!!)… follow the link below, or go to http://www.soulbiographies.com/films/the-possibility-of-men/ u don’t wanna miss this site anyway, you’ll love it!

THE POSSIBILITY OF MEN from Nic Askew on Vimeo.

Like Nik sais, this one may cause some queasiness. But of course that wouldn’t include me.  I love this film so much because it speaks directly to so many male qualities and needs that go unnoticed. It’s a great piece, rich with so many avenues to explore.  But for the sake of letting it stand alone in its glory, I won’t get into much of that except to underline the fact indeed, to the finely tuned listening ears, men talk, oh they do.  And when you learn to listen, worlds beyond world reveal themselves.  Private universes filled of human depth unimaginable are yours to discover.  If you can learn how to tune in and hold a sacred space.

Much love to all the men in my life, especially those with whom I privileged to have the honor of exchanging with intimately.  I am lucky to know you and especially lucky to be so loved by you.
SuzyQ, Q♥