leaving behind vampires
and turning pretzels into open flowy circles and yet,
I can’t escape your love

back to you
that’s what it comes down to
but small steps render giant rewards
as I open myself into a circle
wide enough to fit all the beauty and love in the world
I free myself for not being free to love you
and love you more
for not being a vampire
and you seek me out when I am not there
and so I walk away from your darkness
step into the light
and you can join me there whenever you wish
my heart will receive
maybe in love,
maybe in friendship
maybe in both
but I cannot be with you in darkness
I cannot love you actively in your chaos
I can love you more from outside of it,
in my light
and I will be there in the light
should you choose to join me
no pretzels,
no vampires
no darkness
we will join hands in the light
and let our darkness make our light even brighter
we will meet there in the deep dark well of light
we will have emerged stronger in true partnership
that has weathered storms
that has seen the trueness of spirit
that has strengthened with time and space
is there no greater love?
one that has thrived beyond

as such it’s no wonder you like me that way
though now you can’t see through your own fear
that’s why I loved you as much as I feared you then,
you always saw me just the way I wanted to be seen
the way I believe myself to be