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near and far, now and again

she stepped in his home sitting at the angle of the table so she could be near him what’s his name? he asked   sitting on a park bench the sound of her tears muffled by the rustling autumn leaves…

grief to relief

Sipping Orzo

I sit at my kitchen table slowly sipping a warm cup of orzo gently kissed with almond milk the way it always is Ray’s soothing voice bathes the apartment watching the sun rays stream into my living room the way…

building bridges

The Joy of Freedom (redefined)

Over an amazing dinner at a quaint resto in the Tremblant village, 4 ladies intensely discussed the subject of relationships. The platform for the launch of our discussion stemmed from a recent short lived, but particular romance I had with…

building bridges

On Men

OK peeps having a hard time embedding the video… (just more leverage to get me to revamp the blog, it’s time!!!)… follow the link below, or go to http://www.soulbiographies.com/films/the-possibility-of-men/ u don’t wanna miss this site anyway, you’ll love it! THE…

grief to relief

Never imagined you wouldn’t be here It’s not like we took it for granted. There was ample awareness of the sacred bond we shared. And now, in disbelief, my ears reach for your voice. It echoes in my mind, almost…

grief to relief, uncut


The greatest remedy for death is life The greatest response to dying is living. I hold steadfastly to this belief since we said goodbye, the same way you are steadfastly at work in my life since forever only now, there…

grief to relief

In loving memory

For you love, and mark that you left on this world “You can shed tears that she is gone, or you can smile because she has lived. You can close your eyes and pray that she’ll come back,or you can open…

grief to relief

The Art of Love

it was the words we never spoke out loud even in empty spaces for fear the walls would hear but in the space between us, they were allowed those ugly things you are never supposed to think or feel, the…