Never imagined you wouldn’t be here

It’s not like we took it for granted.
There was ample awareness of the sacred bond we shared.
And now, in disbelief, my ears reach for your voice.
It echoes in my mind, almost real.
But it feels so distant.

How I want to tell you about the Butterfly effect

About how you did this, didn’t you?

How this is for you.
From you.
Because of you.
Joy, celebration, overcoming obstacles

All so wonderful, but always more wonderful when it was shared between us.

Confused and shocked. That it’s become just an echo.
And yet, you’re everywhere since the first day you left.
Just like you were everywhere from the first day you came.

If I asked you to come, now. To show yourself.  Would you?

Have you, in ways that I am blind to perceive.

I ache for the sound of your voice.

For long hugs, and sacred kitchen moments.
For notes on your calendar above the sink.
To have you tell me. Everything.
I ache to change the things I did.
The things I didn’t do.To go back to when you were in front of me.
Eyes closed.
I ache to share with you.
I ache to make it not true.
SuzyQ, Q