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October 2013

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Rising from the ashes

July 2013 As a writer, and thoroughly an artist at heart, I got through some of the toughest times of life thanks to my creativity. I could weave something that felt beautiful to me, out of even the most painful…


One of the faces of courage

Nothing will destroy your relationships and achievements faster than your need to be right. It takes a keen man to recognize the many faces of his ego. When you push and pull and insist, when you turn away from a…

the ♥ files


she moved slowly oh so slowly running her fingers against the dark, soft, shinning cherry wood looking at him with question marks in her eyes aching for spiritual communion aching for his depth to help her go even deeper yearning…


Where are you headed?

“You can’t have a happy ending to unhappy journey” A. Hicks. If you’re journey is tainted with fear, apprehension, hatred, or any sort of negative emotion – you can’t expect to step foot onto a happy , joyful, playful destination….

building bridges


I’m sorry, he said I need you to know this, how deeply sorry I am. and he told her the truth. All of it. The beautiful and ugly, he told her the human truth and he set her free. I…