Nothing will destroy your relationships and achievements faster than your need to be right. It takes a keen man to recognize the many faces of his ego.

When you push and pull and insist, when you turn away from a situation, in pride, failing to recognize your errs, when you insist on other people’s wrongness, when you resist the vulnerability of the human heart (yours or others), when you claim significance, when you stomp your feet in the name of justice, the honest words you refuse to utter in fear of showing weakness, all of these and more, is you failing to be the master of your ego.

The only anti-dote to any, and all of these is a humble and open heart. Only your open heart can distinguish the truth. Only an open heart can be more powerful than any and all of this.

You either allow life to break you open, again and again to deeper love, or, you insist upon destruction, through your weakness, the weakness of letting your ego drive the authenticity and the rawness of the human heart out of your life. When you succumb to the fear of vulnerability, you become an ego slave. One of the faces of courage is the courage to be (vulnerably) human.

Vulnerability invites love. And love sustainably drives out darkness.

Just how brave are you? Just how strong are you?