open heart

Loyalty isn’t getting away with things when no one is looking.  Loyalty isn’t other people’s standards, or what others will think, or what society labels is right or wrong. Loyalty isn’t defined externally, by anyone.

Loyalty, is choosing what is in your heart. Loyalty is walking away from something, or, holding, steadfastly to something, someone, a value, a practice, or an idea, because that’s the standard you hold for yourself. Regardless of other’s people merit of it, regardless of whether or not they care, loyalty is living by your own standards of how you treat people.

The only way I know this, is because I suffered the agony of going against my own standards. Didn’t matter that others, knew, agreed or didn’t, I tortured myself, trying to go against my own grain because the world shouted, you don’t owe anyone anything.  Maybe so, but I owe myself, everything.

Don’t you?

Hurt people hurt.  And hurt people hurt people. In turn those hurt people hurt other people. Herds of people walk around closed hearted.

It’s hard, in a world where people withdraw instead of talk, numb instead of connecting, walking like zombies with closed hearts, masqueraded by open minds and open lifestyles. Open minds and open lifestyles do not equal open hearts. Open hearts, vulnerable despite fear, stack up with open hearts. Open hearts, vulnerable despite hurt, stack up with hearts.  Open hearts, vulnerable despite love, or the potential for love, stack up with open hearts.

Anything less than an open heart is suffering, inflicted upon the self or others.  You don’t see either because you numb.

There  exists no substitute for an open heart.

None. You must open your  heart to feel your heart open.

When your heart is open, loyalty will be simple, to give and receive, because your open heart is larger than life itself.  Your open heart calls everything home; misguided attempts to love, manipulative behaviours, neglective, abusive behaviours, all called to return home to a place of love.  Darkness is no match for the power you hold in your hands when you walk, led by universe that sits in your chest.

-Kim Mecca