building bridges

Stacking up with open hearts

Loyalty isn’t getting away with things when no one is looking.  Loyalty isn’t other people’s standards, or what others will think, or what society labels is right or wrong. Loyalty isn’t defined externally, by anyone. Loyalty, is choosing what is…

the ♥ files

How to heal a broken heart

2013/08/29 when you feel broken by the unresolved when there are question marks where you thought there was love when you don’t understand and you want to close, run, scream open, open wider, wider ,wider, wider than anything you think…

the ♥ files

If you dare

Come in, she sais Come inside, to the place beyond where the barriers are Let your presence be felt in every nook and corner Let it slip through all the walls Reaching into the depths of both of your beings…

building bridges

something worth seeking out

We tend to seek out superhuman qualities in our partners as if our partners are meant to be superhuman beings.  But really we should seek an openness and willingness to evolve and expand in whatever areas are important to you….

just a girl

On Being Open

I am almost painfully aware of how open I am compared to some of the people I come into contact with on a daily basis. I find myself continuously amazed at the taboo-ness of it.  Consistently asking myself, why are…