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October 2012

the ♥ files

a man’s heart

“you have to be able look deep into a man to know the nature of his heart… and to look deep, you have to have love” -Peace, Love & Misunderstanding

building bridges

Relationship ROI

One of my girlfriend’s said it really well this evening “If we invested as much time in our relationships as we did in our careers, they would thrive just as well”. We aren’t taught this. It’s not a big part…

the ♥ files


fingertips running slowly under the curve of her soft feet triggered a memory of warm summer nights on park benches white dress silhouette Soft skin under the light of the stars And lamp posts bright even beneath the hovering of…

grief to relief


He left her In Purple wonder Astonished In cowardice The last man she would think Incapable of love Basic human love Fellowship But then again Integrity was not his finest quality He’d kept secrets Living in fear And she lived…,r:49,s:20,i:344
the ♥ files

coming home

Lying here As the chilly fall air seeps in through the walls Complete ease moves like wave between us And passion rolls along the edges of the waves Keeping us warm and alive Sleeping peacefully I can feel the depth…

the ♥ files

near and far, now and again

she stepped in his home sitting at the angle of the table so she could be near him what’s his name? he asked   sitting on a park bench the sound of her tears muffled by the rustling autumn leaves…