fingertips running slowly under the curve of her soft feet
triggered a memory

of warm summer nights
on park benches
white dress silhouette
Soft skin

under the light of the stars
And lamp posts
bright even beneath the hovering of tree branches

grazing in the arms of man who
ever so gently and slowly
explored every curve and nook of her body


a man, who, came from a place she didn’t know
to show her possibilities for a life she’d always known she wanted
dreams, dare she believe, coming true


she remembers laughing and playing for the first time
like she a teenager again
feeling that falling could be possible
and safe
and worth the risk


she remembers loving the feeling
of his arm swung around her as they walked
morning, afternoon, evening
at first it felt over bearing
but then she understood
it was because she was his
something, she had always wanted to be
and he was proud
She came to melt as everything inside her softened as he wrapped himself around her as they inched forward
Step by step
Weaving and unweaving the fabric of their lives


one feeling at a time
and letting go

for the beauty of man
who’s fingers speak things
through touch,
through music
that words
oh the words she loves with all heart
could never convey

in the realms of love there are more languages
than we may know how to speak
to hear
to understand
to learn them, is to have love at the very edge of your fingertips, always