3D Glasses


The Difference between Children & Adults, is that children have the Ability to Spontaneously Use their Imagination to forget what’s Bothering them & be inspired by every car, feather, bug, or Puppy that crosses their Path. We Should All Live with A Childlike Innocence…♥

My best friend, Anna Romano, wrote that.

We have this thing that we do together, we call it the adventures of Anna & Kim, we take off for a day and never know where we’re gonna end up.  We roam the streets of Montreal making discoveries. Usually includes a Saturday AM walk to the JT market to savor the vitality of the suns rays shining on the fresh farmer produce, Union latte in hand and smiley wide grinned faces, happy to be alive.  Sometimes it’s a vegetarian feast, Bonny’s, Le Commensal,  or sushi at a great Japanese resto where they practically know us by name, shoe shopping,  surprise sidewalk sales on Mont Royal ave,  a walk downtown, the bookstore, a book reading event,  spiritiual discoveries, apartment shopping & 3 hours in the Montreal Tour de L’Ile traffic with me having a breakdown while Anna scopes out a 700$ giant wood carved elephant she named … umm I forgot what she named him (but don’t tell her that), breakfast at L’avenue with naked mannequins in the window and house beats pulsing through our veins, or coffee and date squares on the bright Premiere Moisson terrace in our sunglasses and flats, discussing the previous nights events or daydreaming about the lives of the happy couples walking by  while an old man gently strums a guitar in the background, wet table clothes and salty pizza,  starlit summer nights at Jarry park with a bottle of wine under a willow tree, anticipated Sundays at the tam tams on Mont Royal, a planned day trip to QC for a fashion fest (she doesn’t know about this one yet, I’m planning it for next week), late lunch in the Country on Halloween watching the country kids trick-or-treat an hour drive out of the city, the theater… we never really know where we’ll end up. One thing’s for sure, our adventures are laced with love, with laughter, dreams, and with a childlike openness few people are able to maintain.

Lately, we’ve been exploring state management techniques on a deeper level. She has a thinking hat (we firmly agree that you think  better when your brain is supported) and I have perspective glasses (born out of our recent Avatar obsession).  Anna also has rose colored glasses but we’ve never actually seen them, we just employ them at need. I actually have an adult wool knit (by my grandma) blankie that helps me fall asleep when I feel restless (no one knows this because it just looks like a throw on my bed).  Oh and we also both firmly agree that lying on the floor produces the best thinking results (try it, we promise our tactics to deliver a different frame of reference). We use these tools when we meet life as a challenge and have forgotten to stay in the flow.

I thought to myself today, after exploring the use of my glasses intensely this week, and reading Anna’s quote this morning, what if, like children, we employed these creative techniques, always. What if they were a part of our daily adult life, instead of  ” for emergency use only”.  Maybe there would be less crisis, maybe they would be shorter.  It’s the freedom of the child’s mind that allows them to flexibly move through challenges and enjoy life so innocently.

One of my NLP mentor’s, John Overdurf, teaches that it is our “recovery strategy” that allows us to move through life with more ease, to bounce back quicker and smoother.  We will always meet life with challenges.  I say “we will” because it is our own fences, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, that create the challenges.  Our inflexibility.  What if maintaining this childlike quality was part of our “recovery strategy”, but a recovery strategy that we live daily, a “precovery strategy”.  What would life be like then?  What kind of person would you be if you let yourself live in the realm of childlike creativity, flexibility & adaptability by making play a part of your daily “precovery” live life now strategy?

What don’t you reach for rose colored glasses? a thinking hat? or your favorite blankie while you ponder that….

oh… and don’t you know that I’m wearing my 3D Avatar glasses while I sit here and write.

Suzy-Q ♥