The quality of your life (may be) determined by the quality of your relationships (T.R.), but the quality of your relationships is determined by the quality of your relating to them, and the quality of your relating (contribution) to them is determined by you and you alone.  Consider how you connect with others from that standpoint.

From my standpoint, very few relationships cannot be improved. You don’t even need to have the cooperation of the person. What you need is to improve how you relate. Start asking yourself the right questions? Like, what part of myself am I offering this person? What is my perception of this person? What do I want out of this? It’s when you start turning your attention towards being a source of love for the other person, a source of support, when you take enough time, and decide deep enough in your heart, to find a way to reach this person, that things will start to shift. It’s when you put your weapons down, when you put your agenda aside that the changes happen. When you find a way to touch this person’s heart where they need to be loved the most, and when you do that with pure love, that things begin to change.

For that, it takes an intimate knowledge of your own ability to love, on your own level of quality in relating. Know what it is, and put that out there at the highest level possible. And, it’s not necessarily an action oriented journey, very little action is required, just a few highest possible quality ones, and a consistency. A consistency of intention, the highest possible intention of contribution towards the improving of a connection.

Yes, extremely disarming rapport, high quality & consistency.That’s the magic formula.

I have turned relationships around that seemed impossible to improve, let alone even have. They aren’t perfect, and that’s the beauty of it. Because when you change how you relate, you see others in a completely different light. The need for perfect connection melts away. Because the quality makes up for the imperfection and the imperfection becomes character and possibility. Possibility for even more quality connecting.

When we change how we relate; We influence how we create.

Happy relating!