the writing files


If you want to hurt someone I mean really hurt them, Ignore them. Deny them the right to express themselves. The right to look you in the face and tell you how they feel. Deny them the right to your…

building bridges

Apples and Oranges

Here’s what goes haywire in many relationships. Person A, Sophie, is expressing or seeking to fulfill a need; love, comfort, freedom, support, appreciation, respect, x,y,z… For Sophie, the fulfillment of this need is defined a by certain parameters. It can…

the ♥ files


fingertips running slowly under the curve of her soft feet triggered a memory of warm summer nights on park benches white dress silhouette Soft skin under the light of the stars And lamp posts bright even beneath the hovering of…

grief to relief, uncut


The greatest remedy for death is life The greatest response to dying is living. I hold steadfastly to this belief since we said goodbye, the same way you are steadfastly at work in my life since forever only now, there…