The greatest remedy for death is life

The greatest response to dying is living.

I hold steadfastly to this belief since we said goodbye,

the same way you are steadfastly at work in my life since forever

only now, there is less human resistance

now you have the power to be everywhere I always thought you couldn’t be

I flipped through the first pages of my special order and realized it was you

I could hear your voice

I could feel you

I started to cry, right there in the streetlight haze

first because it hit me, for the millionth time

you are gone

every time I think it, it feels like the first time again

utter shock

then I cried with a smile

because you’ve found a way to speak to me

to be with me

through a love we both share so deeply

now I know where to turn when I need you most

and I know even when you’re everywhere

you’ll especially be there

You are so loved.