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I’ve said this since the age of 16.  To participate in a relationship is to hold another’s heart in your hand as sacred. Not through self sacrifice, but through responsibility, respect & accountability.  When you think of the courage it takes to make oneself vulnerable when relating outwards, you understand the huge responsibility involved in relating to others.  Which is actually pretty easy if you live in integrity with who you really are. The truth is most people handle their crystals with more care than they do their loved ones. And yet, there is no greater presence. Adopt the following attitude: One of my jobs, when we relate, is to make this space a safe one for you and I to come together. That does not mean that I must do things that do not feel right for me, but it does mean I must give you all the information so that you can make informed decisions. And in this, I set us both free to laugh, live, love… to play, freely.

Great damage to the sacred connection between humans is created in dishonesty.  It’s a venom that destroys trust, a foundational element in relating. Tell the truth, the one you dare not say aloud, when it would be easier to lie, and watch the bond strengthen  and come to life. Watch now as it serves a greater purpose in both your lives, and ripples outwards.

Anything but the truth in matters of relationships is the beginning of the end. And when you begin with lies, you are doomed before you even get started.