grief to relief


He left her In Purple wonder Astonished In cowardice The last man she would think Incapable of love Basic human love Fellowship But then again Integrity was not his finest quality He’d kept secrets Living in fear And she lived…


Actions follow feelings

“You are always responsible for the way the you act no matter how you feel” Love this thought, saw it go on Facebook this week and it hit home. I think that sometimes, life’s curveballs can make this a high…

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just a thought

There are many reasons why people choose to commit – but there is only one sustainable reason and that reason is love. As you decide to “love” someone for “the rest of your life” make knowing their values a priority…

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The Violin and its Melody

  The sound of your violin may be beautiful but I am more interested in the melody of your music than the notes you make with your instrument Your notes over time are just as a important as your notes…


The Deciding Muscle Grows

A short while ago, I wrote about how making good decisions is what makes you a person of integrity. See The Deciding Muscle. I had several moving experiences that allowed insight into this concept. Just like a muscle has to…


The Deciding Muscle

It is not integrity that makes us make good decisions but rather making good decisions that makes us integrous. – Caroline Veilleux ♥ Some decisions are a long time coming. To the naked eye, they seem single fold, but beneath…