“You are always responsible for the way the you act no matter how you feel”

Love this thought, saw it go on Facebook this week and it hit home. I think that sometimes, life’s curveballs can make this a high standard to maintain for most people. At first, I took it for first value and it felt like a great standard to set but a little too stiff for my liking. So I dove in a little deeper and worked with it.

If we are responsible for the way we act no matter how we feel (and we are) then this is just another reason to make the highest priority in our life tending to how we feel. And of course one way to do this is to choose your thoughts with care. Your thoughts influence your feelings and your feelings influence your actions. So to ensure the quality of your actions, then manage the quality of your feelings. Be mindful of the stories you tell and how they influence your feelings. The stories you tell yourself don’t have the be the truth because the truth is relative. But they must serve you, the people you love and the work that you do.

Instead of band-aiding your life by ringing actions out of yourself that you think might be more beneficial to you, go straight to the source: your thoughts. You can judge how well your doing, always, by how you feel. Let your feelings be your indicator for how well your thinking and where you’re heading.

So yes, you are always responsible for the way you act, make it easier by favouring how you feel first.