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April 2014

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Early Spring

As she walked in the cold morning air, her body facing the sun and  the four men approached, she realized he was among them. She panicked wondering why they were running into each other daily like this. She did not…

building bridges

Stacking up with open hearts

Loyalty isn’t getting away with things when no one is looking.  Loyalty isn’t other people’s standards, or what others will think, or what society labels is right or wrong. Loyalty isn’t defined externally, by anyone. Loyalty, is choosing what is…

building bridges

To be sorry

This is so beautiful! “Sorry. Sorry means you feel the pulse of other people’s pain as well as your own, and saying it means you take a share of it. And so it binds us together, makes us trodden and…

the ♥ files

Dear you

A letter to the last man I loved: And love you, I did.  I loved you for your brilliance. The way you knew so much, and were curious about what you didn’t.  For your openness. Pure, and beautiful.   I…