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November 2010


Open Sesame

For the past year the main entrance to my subway station has been closed. For months I kept smacking my nose up against the door morning after morning, expecting it to be open. It took so long for me to…


From CYA to relating like a Linchpin

There is a certain train of thought adopted among certain circles that goes something like this: ” You’ve been warned, so it’s at your own risk.” It’s often circulated in the corporate environment as the CYA attitude. Make sure you…

grief to relief


it’s a different kinda feeling now this waiting for peace oh but it’s always there but how else to make peace but to be it and so in this moment I am despite the dull aching somewhere in the voidless…


To Take it Back

If I could tell you anything right now Everything I would say I’m sorry For wanting you more than wanting your well being For not listening with the right ears I would say I’m sorry you’re hurting I’m sorry your…