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August 2013

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How to heal a broken heart

2013/08/29 when you feel broken by the unresolved when there are question marks where you thought there was love when you don’t understand and you want to close, run, scream open, open wider, wider ,wider, wider than anything you think…

grief to relief


she wandered barefoot gliding into thin air out beyond the realm of tangibility her soul visible through her sheerness it fluttered to meet his she kissed his soul through his face his eyelids closed, she lay her lips on them…


It’s almost never about you

It’s almost never about you. The story was there way before you came along. The person who belittles your art, stomps on your dreams, shuns you for shining – they’re ashamed of where they are. The person you abandoned –…

the ♥ files

empty fullness

Watching the glimpses of their story flash before her as they move from one place to another, a place where they will no longer be visible the deep and profound hollowness of the bongos echoing through her her veins full…

just a girl


one day she realized she had healed she was no longer heart broken not because someone else fixed it the memory of him had faded his arms spooned arounds her had faded she now fell asleep to the greatness of…