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February 2011


An Empowering Metaphor

On my way back down from the daily run yesterday, on serpentine road, running with my new partner, I was thinking about the icy conditions from build up of  compiled snow and thaw. The road was well maintained, there was…


Taking Back Control

I can’t help but notice how I see and hear people relating to the subject of emotion.  I think it’s fair to say that the common belief is that emotions need to be controlled.  I actually had someone say this…

expansion, just a girl

The Joy of Freedom

There’s a lot of talk that goes on about “not changing who you are” to be in a relationship.  About staying true to yourself, your loves, your dreams, about being supported in them as a requirement for a relationship.  But…


Relating Outside Your Imaginary Lines

Life happens in patterns. Beginnings and endings.  The four seasons. Sunshine after the rain.  In our own human interactions, we tend to have our patterns.  Think of Trump’s falls and rises. Think of someone who has a cheating pattern, a…


More on trust…

Trust tends to so commonly be associated with honesty, fidelty, loyalty.  The lack of trust, by default thereby relating itself to dishonesty, lies, disloyalty, infidelity. But really, when you stop and think about it, trust is feeling, some sort of…


Eyes Wide Open

It slowly creeps And builds Not loathing, but some elements of it Look and see See with eyes wide open See, truth Misalignment And all that creeping Becomes one moment, seeing with your eyes Knowing It’s time to let it…


Painting of the Mind

She’s got nothing on you kid Oh how lovely you are And the words trail into the bedroom forever could never feel long enough for me, to feel like I’ve had long enough with you discovering each  new landscape inside…


my own meditation

“Why do you come to sit in meditation? Why don’t you make writing your practice? If you go deep enough in your writing, it will take you everyplace.” (From Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones)