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May 2010

building bridges

Why not answer the call?

The thing about relationships is that they shine a very bright light onto everything you don’t want to see… about yourself. Your negative habits, behaviors, states, attitudes, the things you refuse to do or change, your weaknesses. Your inability to…

grief to relief, uncut


tonight, as I held hands with those around as we meditated on oneness I imagined your hand was in my empty one I prayed for peace in my heart in my life I prayed for wisdom I couldn’t feel your…



it’s in him that she found the space to connect with her carefree nature not a worry in the world except to wonder how much more joy and meaning she could bring to his life to her life she wrote…


Notice it and Let it Go

So you think you’re non judgmental? You have a problem with people being judgmental? Boy do I have news for you…. we are judgmental beings. You don’t think so? Why? Because you love others even when they are overweight? Because…


Breathing space

I haven’t written in weeks. I’ve felt really guilty about it too. For the first time in my life (I have been writing since I could hold a pen) I’ve felt worried about being cut off from my source. The…