and he was so good to her
holding her heart as she wept the sad goodbye
in the cold october nights
night after night
his heart held hers
as she said goodbye over and over again
as she ran through the guilt
he listened peacefully
holding space
as she missed her
as she gripped her own soul together
it was his love
that kept it from falling to pieces
his voice in the night
brought a smile to her lips
gave her hope
how could she be gone
and yet here is this man filling the unfillable void
night after night
at dusk and dawn
he held her soul
as she nursed herself back to life
she wouldn’t cheat herself out of grief
thanks to his presence
she would walk with it
and let it become joy
for a life well lived
for an opportunity to trust
to love again deeply

and Christmas came
he sat by her at dinner
he held her hand
he held her soul as she slept
weeping through the night
she had a safe place to rest
a man to hold her close
they took a walk on Christmas night
quietly, holding hands
through the park, by the gazebo
the crunch of their feet in the snow echoed
she didn’t speak but he heard the silent anguished screams
with each breath that she took
she squeezed his hands tighter
and release a little more pain
so grateful that he was there
night after night
to hold her as she gripped a lost a soul
not knowing how to let go
and he was strong
for her
it was his hand that walked through the winter
it was his heart that carried hers through the night