People are direct result of the expectation of their peer group. T.R.

This is an interesting philosophy, very effective. (Ladies) Ever noticed when you lose a lot of weight your girlfriends might hit you with comments about over doing it ? Or have you ever had the experience of being frowned upon or singled out for being happy or successful? When we reach beyond the limits defined by our peer group it forces others to face their shortcomings and do something about them, OR, to put you down (inadvertently saying ‘I’m uncomfortable with you reaching outside of ‘our’ comfort zone). Funny little comments they might make, mapping their world over yours. I would say these situations or fairly easy to pinpoint. Better yet, get yourself out of there by hosting a peer group that holds you to the standards you want to live by – health, wealth, joy, attitude, relating skills, contribution levels etc…

Here is where it gets trickier: something happens and your standards slip, your attitude takes a fall, you’re having hard time keeping up. Here is when you may be the one to actually to entertain the peers we talked about above. This is when it matters most, when you’re recovering from a slip, that’s when you need to pick your peers. Who are you going to surround yourself with? The misery loves company ones that resonate with your slip? or the ones that will gently say ‘er, remember you the fabulous person with the awesome standards, I’m here to hold you to them while you recover from your lil blip.

Hosting the ones who see it as a blip and keep you looking in the direction you want to be heading, now there’s a great ‘recovery strategy’ plan. The catch is, if you’ve entertained the silver lining fools before your blip, your blip will become a smooth turning curve a lot faster than it may become a huge hellish pothole from last winter’s chain of crazy shit storms.

Who you gonna call????