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Dance me!

When I was a little girl my dad would have me step onto his feet so he could dance me. At weddings and parties, I could always  count on my dad to thrill me on the dance floor. My parents…

just a girl, uncut


this is how she feels when she thinks of him wrap her arms around him happy to be warm near him and take him in he stays close to curl into him during the night warm, safe, solid present loving…


The Human Connection

Here goes the first string of words to flow in a a very long time. For the first time in months I genuinely feel like writing. I think I’m a little rusty lol. In the last few days I’ve noticed…


Smooth Curve Ahead

People are direct result of the expectation of their peer group. T.R. This is an interesting philosophy, very effective. (Ladies) Ever noticed when you lose a lot of weight your girlfriends might hit you with comments about over doing it…


Breathing space

I haven’t written in weeks. I’ve felt really guilty about it too. For the first time in my life (I have been writing since I could hold a pen) I’ve felt worried about being cut off from my source. The…