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September 2013

the ♥ files


I want you to to kiss my forehead before you ever kiss my lips not because it’s cliche but because you want to communicate to me that you care because caring is the beginning of the kind of love that…

building bridges

Female Beingness

This one’s for the guys, in particular for my best guy buds and, most of all, for  the last man I shared my heart with, for embracing all of my expressiveness and standing strong as a man in the face…


You know the stuff you do when you’re trying to get someone to think or feel differently when what you really want to do is tell them their attitude sucks- they can feel it.  People can feel it when you’re…


Haters Gonna Hate

  Ashton Kutcher recently gave an inspiring talk that relates to the release of the Jobs movie. I believe it to be commendable that people in Hollywood use their influence to inspire people who are watching, especially youngsters. Moreover, Kutcher…