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January 2012

building bridges

something worth seeking out

We tend to seek out superhuman qualities in our partners as if our partners are meant to be superhuman beings.  But really we should seek an openness and willingness to evolve and expand in whatever areas are important to you….



places I’d never think I’d see wide, open, glimpses of other’s lives carried now within my soul and my heart feels like it will burst open with gratitude I yearn for you to open me I want to share it…

the ♥ files

the ship and the ocean

I  am the ocean and you the ship without me you could not travel and without your direction, we would not get anywhere   I know you become fearful at my never ending vastness and depth but you must know…

building bridges


The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. -Vince Lombardi Most women have become very adept at “doing” and this is a great thing. We’ve created careers for ourselves, we run organizations, we manage families and schedules, we…

the yoga diaries

The handstand metaphors

I decided to close off my week with an invigorating and inspiring Jivamukti class with Frances last night.  All was going really, spectacular even, until our last posture. “Ok find a partner” we’re going to work on Adho Mukha Vrksasana” I…


A different kind of pregnant…

I heard an amazing metaphor the other day in an Abraham discussion. Everyone knows (or should know) that there is no stronger relentlessness than that of a woman who wants a baby.  We may be a tenacious breed, and I…



her body laid before him like an angel, slain and split open like a sacrificial offering with each slow strum of his fingers a chord resonates through her body the curves of her silhouette reflected in the luster of his…



Not wanting to say your name or share it knowing you are my very own Felipe I’ll say only that and whisper your name in my heart and casually in conversation as if you were an eternal part of life…

the ♥ files


“I loved him overwhelmingly again, at that moment, for his great goodness.  You can take this man anywhere, I thought to myself, and he will always know how to comport himself.”  Liz Gilbert, in Committed, about Felipe asking for not…