I heard an amazing metaphor the other day in an Abraham discussion.

Everyone knows (or should know) that there is no stronger relentlessness than that of a woman who wants a baby.  We may be a tenacious breed, and I may one of the most tenacious  among us but I have never seen more tenacity than that of a woman who desires a child. In my observation, of all the desires woman have, this one is by far the strongest when (if, and when) it it is birthed within her.  It’s persistence is so strong, it’s scary.

That being said, often the reaction to be being pregnant is one of sheer delight.  How interesting this is, she doesn’t have a baby yet, and she’s filled with joy and excitement because she knows she is pregnant and the baby – the thing she really wants more than anything in the world, is on its way.

What if we looked at everything in our lives this way?  Every dream you dream, every desire that comes forth from within you, every pull and tug you feel towards something, is a planted seed, an embryo, that you are now pregnant with.  You don’t have to keep feeling like its outside of you and you don’t have to keep feeling apart from it.  It’s inside you now and what is your job as a pregnant person?  Take your vitamins, prep the baby room, the baby clothes, take care of your self, make every aspect of your life ready for the delivery of this dream.  And even if you don’t work that hard at it, you’re still pregnant.  Even if you don’t have the crib ready, you’re still gonna give birth to this baby!  I’ve had intentions I’d set and forgotten about, that came to fruition a year later, unexpected, without me even lifting a finger.  I had planted that seed, smiled about how exciting it was and there I was, a year later, holding this baby (well a book in my case), that I’m still growing now as we speak.  I’d remembered that desire, I was happy about it but I really didn’t go around scheming about how I would make it happen – looking back now, with this new metaphor, I understand so much more about that experience and other experiences that have come into my life that I had been happily dreaming about.

If we treated all our desires this way, we wouldn’t be so pain staked. We would spend so much more of our lives in joy at being pregnant. Happy, sometimes nauseated with morning sickness, but still happily pregnant.  We’d go about our merry way until it was time to give birth and the thing about giving birth is, you don’t really decide the exact moment, you know it’s coming, you can feel it coming, but you don’t really know where you will be, how it will happen, you just celebrate that its coming and welcome it with open arms when it finally arrives!


Much love!