her body laid before him

like an angel, slain and split open

like a sacrificial offering

with each slow strum of his fingers

a chord resonates through her body

the curves of her silhouette reflected in the luster of his guitar


each curve leading to the next

and from one chord to another

she is reunited with her beloveds



the music running over her smooth skin

as warm water from a brook gently rolls over

the bedrock

smoothing its curves more and more

with each of its passings


she lays there



allowing herself to be softened

by the touch of his music

being pulled into him being pulled into her

his music to her body

her body to his fingers

through the tune of his chords


curves being reflected in the shining blackness of his case

like lights shimmering on lake at midnight

one cannot tell where one ends and one begins

yet they are separate

in their perfect unity