In a world where everyone wants to stand out, sometimes, she wanted to lose herself in a group.

Not to be belong, but to fade.

In that fade and insignificance, she could lose her sorrows the way she lost her visibility.

The weariness in her soul, the fear pulling at the edges of her heart were mere inklings of conversation had yesterday. Or last week.



And yet, she still wanted to feel alive. She wanted the music to consume her.

As if her experience of it was it’s sole purpose for existing.

Music and love.

She wanted to be spent by it, completely consumed.

It finished her, left her, no, dropped her, on the floor, stripped of all armour.

Everyone else still standing, no one noticing a thing, only music and her lover, knew.

Only silence remained – full and empty.

And, her,  emptied, yet, feeling,






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