places I’d never think I’d see

wide, open, glimpses of other’s lives

carried now within my soul

and my heart feels like it will burst open with gratitude

I yearn for you to open me

I want to share it with you

while it incubates for the rest of the world

like a painter obsessed with a canvas

and an actor in character

this adventure is far beyond my wildest dreams

paradigms inversed, split open

like atoms reproducing,

my life falling into the universe as its entirety falls into mine

and I want to to crawl into your warm arms

at the end of the day

and know that I’m still alive

still human even though I feel more human that I’ve ever felt

want to lie with you and just feel the simple things

the things that don’t need words to be explained

the rise and fall of your breath in your chest

the rustle of leaves

the pitter patter of rain

the feeling on your warmth

the scent of your face

how I love to run my nose against the creases and breath you in

the feel of your eyelids on my lips

all real, without being more profound than they need to be

in all of those

the entire universe is simply contained

and I can be simply human

and my heart can breath

without almost bursting open from the parallel universe of art that is inundating my spirit

and then maybe

in the darkness I can quietly whisper glimpses of this parallel world

as if whispers will minimize the size of the art

as if whispers will minimize the impact on my life

as if letting you in on my secrets lifts the weight of it all

simultaneously letting you in

so we may climb the new heights


instead of me standing there filled, and wearing with the raw nakedness of others

holding your hand, keeps me grounded

while everything else expands