I  am the ocean

and you the ship

without me you could not travel

and without your direction, we would not get anywhere


I know you become fearful at my never ending vastness

and depth

but you must know that your consciousness is the force that calms my waves

I may be omnipowerful and uncontrollable

but I need your strong focus to reach all my depths

no other presence will suffice.


I beg of you to claim me

make of me your unmarked territory

to forever be explored

and plant your flag with your penetrating presence,

moment to moment.


Can you not feel my yearning, to have you cross my depths

with your unbendable and gentle persistence

I will keep opening,

unfolding to you,

layer by layer.

the chaos of my waves claimed by your vast consciouness

I take you in

wanting to be filled more and more

as you empty yourself into me

feel me opening


feel yourself opening

as you die a thousand deaths

mine included

with each time, diving deeper into me

opening me

I am forever marked, yours.