The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. -Vince Lombardi

Most women have become very adept at “doing” and this is a great thing. We’ve created careers for ourselves, we run organizations, we manage families and schedules, we make big decisions all day long. We make big things happen.  All very useful.  However, there is an aspect of the feminine that cannot come alive to its fullest and weave it’s magic when we work so hard.  Our real work, now, as women is to re-learn our own essence.

I see so many of us, that includes me, working, working, working, hard and buying into masculine ideals and adopting them as powerful tools for our own well being.  It’s good to be aware of them, It’s great to know how to use them, what;s even greater is to know when to use them.  Slam it out of the ballpark if you can remain open and surrendered while using them when they should be used.

I’m talking the opposite of feminism here – I’m talking about taking feminism to a whole other level.  in the realm of man vs woman, we were intended to be polar equals. And  in the realm of humanity:  there are no equals, rise above that definition. There is only unique authenticity , which far outweighs the power of equality in an evolving and expanding consciousness sense. We’ve attained the necessary equality (in North America anyway) but we gave up our unique powerful essence in exchange for it.  It’s not an either or, it’s inclusive and expansive.

Practice, and practice often, opening and surrendering – not fixing, not wiping clean, not taking action, complete and utter surrender to our own selves and to a force much greater than us. That, is the work!