A facet of unconditional love means loving someone for where they are even when it’s not where you want them to be.

When we marry the term love with relationship -this becomes a challenge in the longterm sense.  It’s easy to walk away from someone who isn’t where you want them to be in the early stages of a relationship but a big challenge in long term relating is loving someone when you’ve grown ahead and they lag behind and vice versa. Because nothing is constant (except that which we repeat constantly) it is inevitable that there will be (more often than not) times when when one grows in an area where the other lags behind. How you manage that timeline has alot to say about the quality of your ‘relationship’.

Most people start off on similar points on the timeline.  If you can maintain love when you are not on the points on the evolution timeline, you are more likely to stick together.

You are also more likely to inspire eachother to evolve.