the ♥ files

Dear you

A letter to the last man I loved: And love you, I did.  I loved you for your brilliance. The way you knew so much, and were curious about what you didn’t.  For your openness. Pure, and beautiful.   I…


One question

We’ve all been there, we want something, or want to help someone and we know we have a way to influence circumstances in favour of the outcome we are keen on. What do you?  When is it ok to use…

building bridges


              Special dedication to good man who houses, within him, a beautiful heart. I wanted to protect her. Keeping her smile intact mattered more to me than putting her on my shelf. It was…

grief to relief


Sometimes, you have to go against your deep rooted values, even if just with the tippy-toes of your left foot, and suffer the consequences, in debilitating silence while you walk the journey of (self) forgiveness so that you can realize…

the ♥ files

The Way Out is Through

If you’re going to be alive, you’re going to feel emotion.  I think many would agree  that this is a universal truth and a blessing of life (even though negative emotions may feel like a curse). Nowhere are those emotions…

the ♥ files


I want you to to kiss my forehead before you ever kiss my lips not because it’s cliche but because you want to communicate to me that you care because caring is the beginning of the kind of love that…


Sowing seeds

I read somewhere that Trayvon Martin’s father tweeted this MLK quote after the Zimmerman judgement was released. I literally remember being in elementary school and central themes of my writing were often focused on racial issues and how ridiculous they…